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HomeBrewStuff Hopped Honey Refill Kit


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Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy’

Benjamin Franklin

If you are a true beer fan, you will appreciate a possibility to make this drink yourself. There are so many reasons for that: you can enjoy the process of brewing, feel the scent while making it, proudly give it to your friends when they come over to you... If you are a creator-type, home brewing may or may have already become your passion.

What do you need for brewing? The equipment and the ingredients. Understanding how much the highest quality means and how important a big selection of the items is, we’ve made a bid for gathering the best of the best items in one store; now you can find anything you need for brewing here. We offer brewing ingredients and the hardware for brewing. We’ve been serving home brewers for over 20 years now and have a constantly growing community of those who love brewing.

Despite the level of your brewing knowledge, here you’ll feel comfortable right away. We’ve created a full guide for beginners on how to brew beer, video tutorials, picked the literature which can expand your knowledge base Besides, we have brewing kits for beginners. We’ve also created a beer community, so you can share your experience with others and ask questions about brewing.

The website blog will keep you updated about all world and local beer news and events. Also we’ve gathered a huge collection (1000+) of beer recipes. If you have tried some of them, feel free to leave your comment - this helps other brewers while following the recipe. Apart from beer, we supply you with the best equipment and products for wine-, mead-, soda-, cider- and spirits making.

We provide the best additives, clarifiers, stabilizers, fruit base and yeast. We’ve picked the best equipment: bottling, burners and parts, chillers, clamps, cleaning and sanitation, false bottoms, fermentation fittings, adapters, kegging, kettles and so on. if an item for some reason doesn’t respond to the requirements, you may also contact support. We have a return policy and a warranty which guarantees you a problem-free usage.

Join the the club of brewers and enjoy the taste of self-made products!

Daily value
Shipping Weight 3 kg
Warranty 3 month
Material Plastic
Dimensions 3x3x5

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