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Adult Life Jackets - HC105

  • Brand: Motomarine
  • Product Code: Collectible
  • Availability: In Stock

You’ll agree that seas and oceans always had that mysterious power to hypnotize us with their hidden beauty and huge power. Since ancient times sailors were the privileged caste because this occupation required a lot of knowledge, skills and luck. Today this occupation hasn’t lost its charm though it has become safer due to the modern technologies. We are glad to be those who deliver new technologies in the world of severe waves and strong winds.

Our store is not just another store on your way because we respect our traditions and our 20 year experience in delivering best marine products gives us full right to claim that you’ve entered one of the best marine stores. You’ll be amazed by our servicing and huge variety of our products. There is nothing better than buying high quality goods at fair prices and our store gives you a chance to feel that.

It is really complicated to combine old crafts of shipbuilding with modern hi-tech technologies, but we’ve managed to do just that. And in our store you can find unusual but traditional items such as lanolin, red lead powder, bronze fittings and other old craft supplies. On the other hand if you want to buy some echo sonars and other modern navigation devices - feel free to check all that at our store. Of course we have some exclusive products such as astrolabes, sextants that would amaze those who know what all is about.

Detail & Care
Dry clean:1 year Machine wash:21"
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Warranty:Sunscreen Fabric:No
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